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The handmade weatherproof hat.


Based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, BeanieBucket is founded by two Mexican-born friends, Judith Dí­az and Nina Borja. Leading active lifestyles, they wanted a hat that would keep them warm, stay in place in all weather conditions, and at the same time look cute and chic. That is when they took it upon them to design and produce The BBHat.


Chic. Warm.

Water Resistant.

A BeanieBucket hat is an innovative and trendy cross between a beanie hat and a bucket hat. This mix makes for a very practical accessory that not only keeps you warm, but stays in place on those rainy and windy days. Made from water-resistant and trendy fabrics, BeanieBuckets come in three sizes; youth, small/med, and med/large, and for men in regular and large.


1 - 2 - 3

The back of your hat is the line where the fabric meets.

Grab the inside beanie and adjust snuggly over your head and ears for optimal warmth and security.

Grab the lip of the bucket hat, style, and adjust as you like!

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